Secure RV offers a variety of Storage and Service options for all RVers

Our Company

I have been an RV owner and enthusiast since 1980. I truly enjoy hitting the open road and journeying across our great country, seeing the most incredible sights out of my panoramic front window. Stopping off at campgrounds offers a great place to meet new people and share experiences with fellow road-warriors.

But owning an RV is not all cake and frosting. Over the years, I have become frustrated with always feeling like a second-class citizen. Most communities don't allow you to park your RV at your home or in your we always have to seek out that odd parking space at a mini-warehouse parking lot or in a field at a nearby farm. Any service needed requires having to go where you store your RV, pick it up and drive across town to the repair facility. Usually wasting an entire day just to get minimal maintenance done on your RV. Then dare you need to get just propane, the same vicious cycle begins again.

Well, my frustrations led to my commitment to help make my life and the lives of fellow RV'ers simpler and more convenient. We've started a company designed to provide the most popular services, products and accessories located at the same place where you store your RV. To take it a step further, we even offer 3 different types of storage to meet most everyone's needs... all in a single 10 acre secure & gated environment.

Our facility was designed by an RV'er... for RV'ers. We offer a complete range of services for any sized RV.